Thursday, 24 September 2015

Our sunny walk in Dublin

Not so long ago, Abel and Sinead decided that while Abels parents were visiting from America, and their son Cassio was turning one, they would get him Christened, and they asked us to be godparents! It was just so exciting, and that night, right away we booked our tickets! It wasn't too long to wait, and then on a Friday night, we were flying to Dublin! Dublin is one of my favourite places to go - mainly to see Abel and Sinead, but it feels a lot like home, and it is so easy to get there.
The airport is a breeze, and Sinead picked us up. We stayed up really late chatting and having such a good chat. In the morning, it was really relaxed and we hung out at the house, playing with Cassio before heading into town. We walked around the most gigantic Primark I have ever seen in my life, and went and had sushi along the river. Abel's parents stopped at the place next door and then we joined them for some 50's style American milkshakes. It really wasn't too cold and just perfect weather for a lovely walk around the town!

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