Saturday, 1 August 2015

Playing around in Barcelona

England gets harder and harder to leave, and it was tough to leave my family. Daddy took us to the airport, and I was so sad to see him go! We didn't find any good food (again) in Birmingham airport, but I did get lots of chocolate buttons! We kept feeling really sad to be back in Frankfurt, but it wasn't that we were going to be there long - because we let to meet Russ and Sophie in Barcelona. Thankfully, it was super easy to meet them at the airport, and we headed to our cute little Air B and B.
It was really close to Las Ramblas, which at the end has this monument with these great big lions. I always wanted to get up onto the lions in Trafalgar Square, so I was super excited that these were a little smaller and I could make it to climb up on them!

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