Thursday, 6 August 2015

One of my favourite places - Park Guell!

One of my favourite, favourite places in the whole world is Park Guell, in the north of Barcelona. I remember if from high school, when we went in my final year, and I was so glad that it lived up to the memories! For starters, Park Guell is really far away, out of town - you have to walk from the metro
station, go up these really steep roads, and then there are finally some escalators on the street. ( Thats something I love - escalators on the street!) And then from there, it's quite a walk! But eventually we made it! I was so sad to find out that they have changed the entrance since the last time I was there - and now you have to buy tickets to enter.
Tickets I was ok with, but they were TIMED tickets, so we had to go spend some time in town and come back. They limit the number of people now into the park - but oh my, it was so much better! I loved walking around, posing with the mosaic and seeing over the city. We didn't really get many photos with the lizard, but it was still so worth it!

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