Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Casa Batlo

It was really hard to meet up with Russ and Sophie after church actually. We rushed over in a taxi from the Sangrada Familia to meet them at the agreed upon supermarket. We couldn't find it when we first arrived, so I asked a nice old lady in Spanish! Me....speaking Spanish? I couldn't beleieve when it
came out of my mouth - but I guess listening to it all these years, some of it I had picked up! Mummy loves Barcelona, and Casa Batlo is where she takes everyone - literally everyone! So she said if we only went to one Gaudi house - that this was the one to go to. The audio tour was free - and so we listened as we walked. We ended up much farther ahead of Russ and Sophie, so we hung out and waited for them on the roof. It is literally one of my favourite places in the world up there. It's not that the view is wonderful
- it's that the actual roof is amazing and mozaiced! Sometimes the roof is busy and full of people - and other times it's not. We were there that we got to see it all - and take some amazing pictures while we had it all to ourselves! It's hard to beleieve that normal people once lived in this house, and it was their home! It just feels so quirky and arty and fun!

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