Thursday, 6 August 2015

Oh how I love Pinxos!

When you take people to Barcelona, of course they want to have tapas. Well, I didn't know any specific tapas restaurants, so when we did our walking tour we asked the tour guide for a recommendation that wasn't too expensive. Tapas are quite expensive here in Frankfurt, and I did expect them to be cheaper, but our guide suggested something called Pinxos, which are very similar
to tapas, apart from on little pieces of bread pancakes. He suggested Blai street, as he said it was full of all these pinxos restaurants. It was a taxi ride and a walk away ( we were learning that Barcelona was much bigger than just the touristy city center!) But once we arrived, we checked out a few of the restaurants. We found one which had 1 euro places and 1.50 for the beer - called Blai 9. It was pretty tiny, but full of people.
Along the bar were all these really intricate little pinxos - with differnt layers of food - like a quiche, and then a little slice of something, then a tomato, then a little sausage. They had all sorts of different ones! I loved the little caramel crepe one for last! We ended up going back two nights in a row, because we knew it would be good!

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