Wednesday, 26 August 2015

We found a castle in Konigstein!

The end of August is always weird as a teacher. We had been on holiday for almost two months, and it was time to go back to work! As new teachers at our school, you have to come back for two weeks of teacher training. This year, as I'm not new - I just have to come back for one week. So back to
work we went, and then just before our students came back, my friend from University Alex Allen came to visit. I don't have many friends from Univeristy that I still keep in contact with - so it was so lovely that he was able to come to not only one, but BOTH of our weddings, and then also come to visit us
in Germany. We had a really nice time with him, exploring Frankfurt, and even trying Spaghetti Ice, which is a famous ice cream that looks like Spaghetti and is aparently a really Frankfurt thing! We found a good German beer garden to take him to too - but we needed a castle! Thankfully we had done some reasearch and found out that Konigstein had some good castle ruins! It just so happened to not be far away, and was great weather for it! It was a nice walk up from the station - you go through the downtown district, through a park and up a nice hill to the castle. It really is just ruins now, but it has all the cellars and such that you can walk through, and archways. We climbed up the tower, as that part is still intact, but sadly there were TONS of bugs, which made it a bit unbearable! It was so nice to have someone WANT to visit Frankfurt, and now we found some super German things to do when people visit us!

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