Monday, 9 February 2015

The Dohany Street Synagogue

We have this incredible nack of turning up to Jewish themed attractions on Shabbat, Saturday, when everything is closed. It happened before in Vienna, we couldn't find the synagogue in Rome, and we turned up at this one on Saturday. It meant that all the shops and everything around it selling Judaica stuff was all closed too.
So, while we had to come back the next day, we got there right in the morning to see it. It was really pretty on the inside - very ornate, and very different than Prague. I guess synagogues can be very different! We got to listen to the tour guide a little bit and found out that this synagogue is the largest in Europe -
which is really pretty impressive! There was the main synagogue and then also a museum attached to it. At the back was this garden of rememberance, with these interesting metal trees with all the names of Holocaust victims engraved on them. It was a very moving place, and it meant a lot to Josh to go visit there. We even managed to get a postcard and a magnet for his mum there! Afterwards, we went across the street so that Josh could
get his pastrami sandwhich which was advertised - we were quite a bit early for the lunch shift, but the guy let us in early - so we had the whole place to ourselves! We used it to warm up before going out to explore the Jewish quarter a bit, and see which Judaica shops were open to cater for tourists! We even tried to find some Challah bread, but sadly no joy!

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