Monday, 9 February 2015

Liberty Square, Budapest

In February, we finally had a bit of a mini break - in Budapest, Hungary. I guess we hadn't really thought of where to go, but it was good to have a couple days somewhere close in Europe. We went with our friend Steph from work - and we got picked up by the owner of the Air B and B at the airport, and got a quick, very late tour of the city. In the morning, we got up, headed over to get some breakfast and wandered around the city. Our very cute apartement was right near Liberty Square. They had the oddest statue/sculpture there - it was a monument which showed the Nazis taking over Hungary, claiming no responsibility and there were all sorts of protests about it in front of it - reminding people that the Hungarian Nazis were just as responsible, etc. It was very odd, but very thought provoking.

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