Monday, 9 February 2015

The Parliment Building

The Parliment building is this huge, beautiful, gothic building along the banks of the river in Budapest. We walked past the very oddly placed statue of the American president Ronald Reagan, and over to the banks of the river Danube. There were lots of trams running in front of it, but actually very few people around it. I couldn't believe how close
you could get to the building - but there were a lot of tours which usually run. I think perhaps we just turned up on the day when there were no tours and no tourists! So we were able to go right up to it and see all the intricate carvings on the buildings, and the big stone lions at the entrance way. I think what was so impressive about it was the fact that it was so clean! It sounds silly, but those gothic buildings always look better when they have been cleaned! I read recently that they
don't really use much of the Parliment for parliment business, but actually for tours - which seems nice. We didn't end up doing a tour of the building, but we did explore the entire building, and Steph took a great photo of Josh and I outside it too! It turned out to be one of the best photos we took on the whole holiday! We look all bundled up but it sure was cold!

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