Monday, 9 February 2015

In the Square

I love European squares - they are great meeting places for people, and full of all sorts of nice cafes and beautiful buildings. Tons and tons of beautiful buildings. We wandered around to the other side of Liberty Square - through these beautiful garden areas, and these awesome markets. There were lots of clothing markets, where sheepskin was super popular, but the best one was the food market. They had all sorts of these huge vats of meat and vegetables all cooked up and ready for people to eat.
Josh chose one - the liver and onion one. It sure did smell good, but sadly wasn't as good as it tasted! So we sat and all tried it - but it wasn't great. So we headed over to a supermarket to get some great snacks instead! As we were in Pest, we decided to walk over to the Parliment and then to Buda!

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