Monday, 9 February 2015

Thermal Baths and Hero Square

After coming back from the Synagogue, we decided to try out the thermal baths which Hungary has tons of. We were told the best one was up near Hero's Square. I am SO glad Steph came with us so her and I could figure it out together, but it was really hard as we didn't speak Hungarian, had to buy
towels and had to sort out the changing rooms (which were like individual rooms instead). To say it was a really odd experience is an understatement! But we did really enjoy the outside thermal bath - although getting outside was cold - it was good fun! We all agreed afterwards that thermal spas are best left to Asia - and we had all been a little spoilt by our onsen experiences in Asia! After dinner, we decided again to walk the long way home, via the cool part of the river ice rink, and through the beautiful Hero's Square!

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