Monday, 25 May 2015

A lovely town along the coast - Positano

After we got back to the mainland in Sorrento, we explored a little bit, but it wasn't that cute a place. In the morning, we had a driver pick us up and we did the most amazing tour! We drove all along the coast, stopping at a bunch of tiny little towns and ending in Pompeii! The first town we got to was Positano.
...and all along the way it had been looking a little grey. It definitely was going to rain - but when we got there it wasn't drizzling. The town was so adorable - and we arrived before 9 am so it was super quiet and lovely! I loved Positano the best of all the places we visited. They had adorable little buildings, and little shops. The church was near to the sea, and there were these two sets of steps which go around it, with all these little shops along it.
The church was so pretty too! We went down to the sea, where the beach was. It was a black sand beach, but either way - the view was just incredible from there - all the stacked up little houses in all these bright colours. It was amazing, but at that moment, the sun came out! We walked back up to a cute little bakery where I got the most amazing canoli where we could look over the whole town!

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