Monday, 25 May 2015


Kerstin's Mummy kept texting us while we were in Capri - about where to go and such. She kept mentioning Ana Capri, which I was reading as Anti Capri. Often in the Greek islands, the pairs of islands are called Capri and Anti Capri - so I was assuming it was a different island.
But, low and behold, it wasnt! So we found out that on a map, it was another little town over closer to the other side of the island. So we asked at our hotel, and they gave us tickets for the bus. We walked over, had lunch and then went to the bus station - which is tiny. We were one of the last people on the bus, so there was standing room only - Mummy was actually up against the door! And the very crazy thing was - there were two more stops to pick people up! So it made Japanese trains
look very spacious. But of course, it was an Italian Bus, so it was winding around these little roads and actually quite scary! AnaCapri really wasn't very exciting, actually, it seemed more run down than Capri town - but it was a much slower way of life here. Mummy and I walked down all these little streets - who knew where they led, and we found some cute stray cats near the church, which Mummy just loved! AnaCapri is also famous for its linen, so there were tons of linen
shops there. We bought a few things, and then headed back into Capri before we would take the ferry to the mainland again!

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