Monday, 25 May 2015

The pretty, pretty gardens of Augustus

When we got to Capri, I dont think Mummy or I had much idea what we were going to do. So, we went on the suggestions of the very helpful hotel staff. So, after we walked down to the cliffs, allllll the way down and back up, we had a lovely breakfast on the patio in the sun. It had been so long since I
had an Italian breakfast - lots of pastries and jam - and they were good enough to order in a copy of the British Times newspaper. Sometimes a little bit of home can really make a morning! So we sat and chatted, and headed over to these botanical gardens, that appeared to be in the centre of the island. We walked through all the streets - they were so nice and empty, because nothing was open....and eventually we made it to the gardens just as they opened. Instead of being on the middle of the island -
which I guess they were - they were kind of set on this hill where you could see over the whole island - on one side you could see these beautiful path all the way down to the crystal clear blue water - and on the other side you could see the whole island, with all the little houses along the hill sides.
They look almost stacked on top of each other. Mummy and I got a person to take a photo of us together, which is so cute! It made me so happy to have a girly holiday with her! On the way out of the little gardens, I grabbed a lemon orange slushy too!

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