Monday, 25 May 2015

The Faraglioni of Capri

We were based up in the main town of Capri, away from the port, and our hotel was kind of all the way on the edge of town near these beautiful rocks called the Faraglioni. They are these beautiful stacked rocks which used to be part of the coast and eroded away. In the morning, we got a map from our hotel and wandered over to see them, very early in the day (even before breakfast!) The road dead ended and looks over this beautiful beautiful vista, and these three huge rocks
in the water. The view is really pretty and I planned to just wander along the pathway which was below it. I had intended just to go down there and look and take a few pictures, but it kept going down and down. The path kept going, and the farther along I went, the more beautiful it down I kept going! I didn't really have the right shoes on, but there were little steps that just kind of wound around down this cliff, and I didn't really know how far down I was going, until I got to the
end. It bottomed out where the cliffs were still joined to the mainland, and there was a restaurant at the bottom of it! It must be so beautiful to work there! I had a hell of a climb on the way back - and without food I got very very dizzy! I hadn't realised how far down I had gone!

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