Monday, 25 May 2015

The Market Square in Capri

We had another long 4 day weekend in May, and Josh was chaperoning the Malta trip with his social studies kids, so Mummy and I headed off to the Amalfi Coast to meet Mummy. Getting there was the biggest hassle ever! My flight was delayed for hours, so I missed my connecting flight. I was stuck in Milan for hours, but at least I was able to get to Venchi for gelato! I finally arrived in Naples, where Mummy had been waiting for hours and hours and almost all day for me. We caught a taxi, which took us to the port....the wrong port. We ran to get to the other port, and thankfully took a little bus. We barely got there in time - we ran all the way through the port terminal, threw the money down for tickets and ran to the ship! We made it to Capri - hours after intended. But we made it! And our hotel was adorable! We walked around the town after we checked in and it was absolutely adorable! I walked up the steps on the side of the town square to get this cool shot of the cafe lighting!

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