Tuesday, 8 April 2014

A bus ride up Mount Rokko

We tried to spend a little bit of time in all of the cities in Kansai, so we were off next to Kobe. Kobe still conjurs up memories of winter illuminations, and great Chinese food. Sadly, the illuminations weren't on til November, so we started with a walk through China town to grab
some food. Back in the autumn, I had seen posters advertising the fall colours at the top of Mount Rokko, this mountain near Kobe. Since I never went when I lived in Japan, we figured it was a good thing to do, especially as all we had to do was ride a bus.
Well, first a bus, and then a cute little funicular to the top of the mountain. At the top of the mountain,there was a great view over the city, and then a bus to take you around the top. All we could find was a very, very expensive botanical gardens, and then an extortionate music box museum, so we set off on a little path up the mountain. We found all sorts of great sakura trees and funny wild boar signs. Thankfully, we didn't see any wild boars, but we did see
lots of sakura, and enjoy the pretty views. It was nice then, to just sit on a bench in the countryside and wait for the bus to take us back down to the bustling city.

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