Monday, 7 April 2014

A walk through Gion

We never went to Kyoto very much when we lived in Japan, but we figured we needed to go, at least once just for an afternoon. I always found Kyoto much too touristy, and always a pain to go through the train station! However, it is full of lots of pretty shrines! I hadn't really spent any time
in Gion, so we decided to walk up and down the little streets and see what we could find. We found some cheap tickets to see the traditional dance and music show that was on at the Gion Theatre, so we went to that too! We did a little shopping afterwards, getting quite lost down all the shopping arcades, but finding the best thing ever - our favourite tonkatsu shop EVER, which was one of those places that I thought we would never, ever find again. Origionally, our engagement photographer had suggested the place, and gave us
good instructions, but we couldn't even remember the name of it, so it was amazing to come across it again! Afterwards, we got some ice cream at thirty one, and walked past more cute, lantern filled shrines on the way to the train home!

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