Thursday, 3 April 2014

Back in our Favourite place

To be fair, the Sakura were the main drive to go back to Japan in the middle of April. But it was great to hang out with the friends who we stayed with, and visit with our JET friends who still were in Nara and Osaka. In the mornings, we tended to go to Nara Park....we ended up there tons of time
over our stay. Mainly because the weather was so sunny and nice, we took nice long walks near the musesums, feeding the deer, before wandering into the town to have Shabu Shabu, tonkatsu, or to spend afternoons at Karaoke. What I loved the best was recreating some of our favourite photos. I hadn't planned on taking the photos again, but since Josh's brother David was with us, we were able to get them! I think being back in Japan was really good for my soul. London is a great city to live in, but it doesn't provide
the same day-to-day excitement that living in Japan did. And so, being back, we were able to speak Japanese, travel on the trains, and eat out favourite foods. It was great being back in the places where I remember being happiest.

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