Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Back at Osaka Aquarium

After flying home from Florida, I spent a single night in my flat in London before turning around and flying over to Japan! Although I flew from London and Josh from Frankfurt, we managed to arrange it so that we met up in Beijing airport, and were able to sit and fly together from there to Osaka.
It was a trip we booked on a whim really, and I was just so excited that we were finally going back! Josh's brother David was almost up on his deployment to Japan, and his Mom was over visiting from Florida, we they also came down to Osaka. After a first lazy day, we headed over one morning to Osaka Aquarium. It still is one of my favourite aquariums in the world!
We had a really nice time, looking at the cool squids and puffer fish, but of course, I love the whale sharks best of all! It was so nice to be back in Japan, and start our time out there right. To be honest, it felt like we had never left!

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