Thursday, 28 March 2013

Statues in Jojoji

on Friday, after a super human effort to try and send four huge, heavy suitcases to Tkyo (which was an adventure in itself), we set out on the train for Tokyo. It took a really long time, and we got to out hotel thankfully it was really close to the station in Roppongi thankfully. After some well deserved rest, we set out the next morning for Shiba Koen, where my favourite restaurant in Japan is. On the way there, we stopped at this shrine nearby. I had been in the park, but never the shrine so it was really interesting to see. After reading some more, it's a shrine for children, ones that have either died, or been miscarried, or whatever. And people dress up the little baby statues. It's cute and sad at the same time. I recently saw the trailer for the new The Wolverine movie, and it was actually filmed here. You can see why. It's very picturesque.

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