Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Taipei 101

After leaving the cafe, we discovered ow insanely cheap the taxis are in Taiwan. We took one all the way over to Taipei 101, what was once the tallest building in the world ( until two years ago) and it was super super cheap. I'm talking five pounds maximum, for about 20 minutes in rush hour traffic. It was great. We headed up to the main building, and bought our tickets. We had to wait a little, because the line for the elevators was quite long, but once we were in the elevator, it was so quick. I'm fact, the elevators have a sign and a Guiness Record saying that they are, in fact, the fastest elevators in the world. It was pretty crazy how fast it was and how it hurt my ears as I went up! We walked around and took some pictures, but it was a little cloudy, and surprisingly, Taipei is quite a dark cit compared to some I've seen in Japan. There were some fun places to take your photo, and I loved this one with the giant candy canes and the big sign. it took quite an effort to even get the picture, we were definitely back n the rest of Asia, where people won't wait in lines in order to take a picture! I was pretty pleased that. Did get this picture regardless. We also went down a few floorsto see the amazing damper which keeps the building upright, and protects it from falling over in the wind. I'm not sure if it was the largest in the world, but it was obviously a big deal, because all of the mascots, which were multicoloured, we're called Damper Babies!

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