Tuesday, 11 December 2012


We volunteered, if you might call it that, by planting flowers, and then we all were exhausted and headed to an Onsen and a nice dinner and then we all headed to bed. Well some people stayed up, but I wanted to get up at 5am for a nice Onsen, or really a quick shower! The next morning, we got up super super early and headed for a long, long journey home. The drive was about 12 hours, so you imagine how horrible it is to sit like that for so long! We stopped every hour, which I was grateful for, but now, because it was the daytime, we got to explore some of the nicer rest stops. I collect little phone straps, which come from different places, and as we stopped in about 6 prefectures, I got to collect quite a few! It was very odd, but we didn't stop in Fukushima for soloing, so Brittany and I took our photo with some curry from Fukushima! Our very last touristy stop was Matsushima, one of the three best sights in Japan. It's a rock sticking out over the ocean to look at a chain of islands covered in pine trees. It's supposedly on par with the big tori gate in Miyajima, but I wasn't very impressed. We checked out the fish markets, and a couple other places too.I wandered around with Brittany and Katie, which was nice ( we also sat together on the bus), it was so nice to have girlfriends to hang out with! We bought lots of omiyage, and more katei charms for my phone, and wandered along the coast, before heading back to the bus because it was super, super windy and cold!

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