Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Inside the kitty plane

The outside of the Hello Kitty plane was adorable, but the inside was super super adorable. I was taking photos of everything! First, all the staff had a little Hello Kitty on their aprons. The pillows were all Hello Kitty's face. I loved the pillows most of all, and took a few of the covers as souvenirs. The card in the seat pocket for safety was all Hello Kitty shaped, and out food and cutlery was also Hello Kitty themed. The dinner was really delicious. And the cutlery, which was pink with Hello Kitty heads on the end, came home with me. On the little TVs, a skit of Hello Kitty played as we came on the airplane, and even our coffee cups were Hello Kitty. It all was super cute, and I really enjoyed the whole experience. When I went into the bathroom, there were tons of Hello Kitty the,ed things. The toilet paper was, of course, Hello Kitty. It's not tha uncommon in Japan, but this was specially designed Hello Kitty EVA stuff. Pretty silly but adorable all the same. then, both the smoke detector and the air freshner were Hello Kitty. They also had little bottles of things you cold use, like body spray, lotion, face mist and such things. I think it's a really good plan to have those types of things. I think in America, they would get stolen, but things like that are quite commonplace here. The whole Hello Kitty plane experience was great, and it was a great way to have a memorable flight, and start outer trip out right. On our way back in Japan, we got a cute Hello Kitty passport too, which you can get a stamp in, each time y fly on the Hello Kitty plane. Looks like Taiwan is more obsessed with Hello Kitty than Japan!

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