Tuesday, 11 December 2012

At the night market

After Taipei 101, we went to this place that was serving a real American Thanksgiving, complete with turkey and all the trimmings. There was even pumpkin soup and walnut cake to finish. It was a whole turkey too! Nothing in Japan would even have cme remotely close! But it was super yummy, and took several ours. By the end, we were extremely tired, but Sara and Francis decided we should go to the famous night market and try the snake restaurant. We went, and actually, once I was up and about, I wasn't so tired. We found the restaurant, which served all the different parts of the snakes, snake syrups, and all sorts. It was pretty disgusting, but I did try a little tiny piece of snake, just to say that I had, and it tastes just like Chicken! We even got sme yummy watermelon juice, it was super cheap that I just couldn't believe it. Living in Japan has totally affected my thinking on prices! It was so delicious!

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