Monday, 5 November 2012

Playing in the Cosmos

On Friday night, I headed down to Ube. Francis, Noble, Lonna and I went to dinner and then we all went home so that we could get to bed early to head down to the Saga Balloon Festival.Rachel, Daragh, Elise, Lonna and I were all going. We got up at half past 5 in the morning, ready and raring to go, taking local trains all the way down. It was a long trip, but it didn't seem to be so long because we were all tofether and could chat. I had been looking forward to this trip since last year, when it was cancelled! We must have taken a million trains, and then we had to get on another one from Saga City which went just to the Balloon site. It was already heaving with people. I was excited because the sky was brilliantly blue and it looked like it all woulg go ahead. It turns out the balloons werent going to be up all day, so we had to wait until 3pm. Considering it was only about 10am, that was a really, really long time to wait. We ae lots of festival food, which I was quite thankful for....but it did seem a bit strange at a balloon festival. In Japan, though, there are always food stalls at events like this. We took a walk around the large area, and then Lonna, Rachel and I wandered down to the other end of the site to see what was there......not much really! So we sat in the field and played in the Cosmos wildflowers. I'd never seen them before here, but apparently they are really popular here, and people make trips just to see these wildflowers! We made dailychains for my hair, and made Lonna look like a Who, and Rachel put one behind her ear! It was nice just to chat and relax, and the weather was really good too!

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