Tuesday, 13 November 2012

A very random Petting Zoo

It was raining really bad as we were leaving the aquarium, and we ran quickly to the nearest building. It just so happened to be a cool restaurant/shopping mall place. On the way in, I had seen a sign which said LLAMA....but that's about all I could read. I'd completely forgotten about it, until Josh said he was hungry and I saw the sign again! I was really excited, and we wandered through all sorts of ninja stores, we found this cute little petting zoo. It was only 600 yen, and it was full of all sorts of animals. They had some birds, like this pretty pink one, and there was a green one which was doing some flying show with one of the people who worked there. Then, there were all sorts of cute little dogs, and a lot of them were wearing cute little outfits. When we arrived, there was a little grumpy dog - a pug, a pomeranian, and a few others, but when we left there was a cute little corgi! Josh and I just love Corgis!!! There was a whole cat cafe, and lots of animals like lizards and tortises and so on, and some bunnies and guniea pigs too which you could feed. There were also a bunch of big dogs which were fun, but they werent very interested in us because we didnt buy any food to feed them! But we still had a great time feeding them, and it was just a great day out with my Josh!

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