Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Date Day in Osaka

Every so often, Josh and I designate an entire day as "Date Day"...the Saturday was just kind of a fluke due to timing, but on Sunday, we had a lovely breakfast of cheesy eggs on toast, and then headed into Osaka. We got yummy bread at our favourite store, and then headed to the Aquarium. We had the compulsary photo by the giant whale shark, and had a lovely time!Sadly, the sting ray section wasn't open, which was kinda of saddening for me, but we did see lots of fish, and the otters, and other fun animals....as well as the strange giant rodent, the Kapibara. I'm not sure how he fits in, but the Japanese loved it! We hung around for a little while and went to the gift shop, before heading out of the complex....I got a new whale shark folder and secretly bought Josh an otter folder to use at work! I sure do love how cute the whale shark is, so now I can carry it around with me and be reminded of our great date!

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