Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Autumn comes to Hagi

Before I had left for Osaka, I had noticed a lot of nice trees turning lovely shades of reds and oranges. But often, I was in a rush somewhere, or without my camera. So on Monday, once I was back, I decided to go and wander around Hagi and see what I could find. I wandered all the way around to the castle, and down by the moat. Then I went all around the old city, and down little back streets, and around the library. But the best ones I found were right near my house suprisingly. I had a good time, going down little roads I hadn't been down before, and discovering some new places. I dont do that very often - just explore on my bike. But when I do, I'm really quite suprised by how nice Hagi is, and it kind of restores my reason for being here.Autumn is really quite a short season here. First, it starts getting a little cold...and no leaves change until it really gets cold.Last year, I remember October being quite a warm month, even at the very end of the month, but this year, it got so much colder, very quick. Before I knew it, I was wishing for a my winter jacket, and having to wear gloves to work!However, once the temperature gets colder, the leaves start to change colour. In Japan, people flock to see these leaves. Maybe not in Hagi, but Japanese people will often head to places like Kyoto or Hiroshima to see these amazing swathes of leaves. I was a little dissapointed that I hadn't headed over to Kobe that one day to see the leaves, but I was immensely cheered up by seeing there here in my own little town!

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