Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Date in the Park

I went up to visit Josh, and we had a lovely Friday night. He had to go judge a speech contest on Saturday morning. I had thought he would be a long time, and so had intended to go to Mt. Rokko, but instead, he suprised my by coming home early! I was super happy, so we decided to go into Nara, and feed the deer. It's a great date, in my opinion. Its outdoors, involves fluffy animals, and is nice and cheap. Sitting in the park is nice and romantic! We stumbled across an interesting food fair. We didnt get anything, apart from some yummy Christmas mulled wine!We fed lots of fluffy deer, and got the good deer biscuits which they like! I love feeding the deer, and its one of my new favourite hobbies! The park was really busy, because of the food festival which was going on in different areas, as well as the museum being open, for something or other. We went around, and took lots of pictures, and petted lots of deers. I even insisted on Josh getting a photo with the deer. He looked so nice in his lovely burgundy jumper! It was starting to get dark, and so we picked up some stuff to make chilli in the evening. I was actually going to make dinner for Josh for once! We stopped and I bought mince pies, and then went to karaoke! Two person karaoke with Josh is still my favourite thing ever!I sang a lot of Christmas songs and drank a ton of hot chocolate! It was such a perfect date!

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