Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Ginza at night

After my haircut, a stop at a crepe place for a yummy crepe, and then a little walk around, I headed back over to Ginza. I had intentions to get a bag that I had seen, but then I walked around a few places, and went to Abercrombie. It was really fun to see what Abercrombie was like in Japan. In Ginza, it's about 9 stories high, and full of super loud music. It looks a lot different than the ones at home, but still sells the same stuff at higher prices (almost double!) But as much as it was pretty late, and there wasn't any places I could eat in for cheap, so I wandered around, taking some photos and just taking in the lights. I love the feel of Ginza. It's nice and busy, but not too busy, and so nice and lit up...lit up in a different kind of way to Akihabara. I just love it.

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