Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Playing on the beach

After playing around on the pier, we headed down to the beach,and walked along the sand. There were some teenage boys playing in the sea, enjoying themselves and we spent some time chatting with them. They were Derek's students and quite keen to talk to us! I would hope that my students might also be that talkative, but I think that might be pushing it! Corbin and Cynthia decided to go swimming in the sea, while the rest of us got our feet wet and played in the shallow water. It was kind of a bit of a strange muddy sand, so it felt a bit strange! After they came back in, and got redressed, we went back to the sand and I started taking pictures! I love photos with writing in the sand, so Brad wrote Ube for me, and he also wrote one with Onoda too! I love this picture of everyone in the sand. Someone said, that from that angle, it looks like we are in the middle of the desert, and it does! After that, we worked on crazy jump shots. I love jump shots, and I think we got some hillarious ones, and some perfect ones too. Francis did a great job getting us all in the air, and we all look like we are jumping really high! To finish it off, we emulated our kids and made a pyramid! It was great! I am not usually a beach person, but with the right people, it was just so much fun!

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