Wednesday, 19 September 2012

A bunny cafe!

My morning on Saturday didn't really go as planned, so I did a little bit of shopping, heading into Topshop and American Eagle...and buying nothing, so in the afternoon I really needed a little pick me up! Now that Alain has moved back to France, I dont have many friends in Tokyo, but now, Nils has arrived in Tokyo. Nils and Alain and I all met at the same time, studying at the Space Campus in Kiruna Sweden. Nils is more into nano stuff and biology and cancer cells and just took a kinda research project at a University in Tokyo. He has been joined by his lovely girlfriend (lucky him to have company!) We found a little bunny cafe that I had read about on the internet, and it was adorable, and super cheap! To start with, there were two cute black bunnies, and then there was a GIANT fat bunny! They were all adorable and great!

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