Saturday, 29 November 2014

Back to the Zoo!

Since I moved to Germany, I have been waiting to visit Kerstin, my german pen pal, but our schedules haven't matched up yet. So finally, in November, we trained to meet her. And I was so excited - and to meet her boyfriend Stephan! It has been a whole year since I've seen her! We went to Hannover Zoo.
Hannover Zoo is a special place for us - every time I visit we go. And it's wonderful. But boy, was it cold! Seriously, seriously cold! It was pretty miserable in the end! So we headed home, and her mum Cathy had made all these millions and millions of little tiny cookies. So while the boys hung decorations, Kerstin and I iced and decorated all these cute cookies, putting sprinkles on them and dipping them in chocolate! It was so nice to be with her family, and really put me in the holiday spirit!

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