Friday, 14 November 2014

Some sunshine on the Grand Palace

The Grand Palace is probably the most famous building in Brussels. I was so sad that when we first arrived at it in the morning, it was a) quite cloudy and b) jam packed with people, neither of which make for good photos. During our walk around town, we managed to arrive back at the square just when there was a break in the clouds for some glorious sunshine! It was perfect for a few snaps with my cousin Carly. I was so glad that we had gotten to document some of our fun travels together while she was in Europe!
It's not very often that we get to meet up with other people to travel. Often it is just us (we are the best adventuring pair), or with work collegues, so it was lovely to just spend more than one day with Carly, which is usually all we get time for at Christmas!

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