Saturday, 15 November 2014

Our self-made Chocolate tour

We kind of ran out of things to do in Brussels. We had intentions of going to Brugge, but because of the bad weather, it wasn't a smart move, so we walked around a little, saw a couple interesting things and then....well....we ran out of stuff to do. After scouring the internet while sat in a cafe, we learned that one of the top rated things to do in Brussels was take a chocolate tour. To do that, it costs 90 euros! So we decided we could do just as good a tour ourself! We found the chocolate district, where there are one of each of Belgium's finest chocolate shops. We went into each shop, and asked for their most popular chocolate, and bought it. It was so nice to try all these yummy chocolates, and there was even a Lauduree, so we got macaroons too!

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