Friday, 18 July 2014


From my office in Innsbruck, there is a great view of the mountains. Like a really, beautiful, stop-in-your-tracks kind of view. And every day it was clear enough, I would see parasailers coming down from the top. I am definitely not the adventurous type naturally,
but boy am I trying to be. So since Josh was in town, in addition to spending alot of time in Innsbruck, just walking around and having fun, we decided to get out of town and try our hand at parasailing. What was really cool, is we booked it as part of this package, and the tour guide came to our hotel
and we decided what we wanted to do. We went first to this mountain, and took a cable car up it. At the top, there were a whole bunch of cows, just hanging around, and the start of an alipine coaster. They are basically these little carts attached to a single track, and the only way to control them is the brake, which you can chose
to apply or not. It goes streaming down the countryside, all along the hills, up and down, and quite, quite fast! It was such good fun! Next we went to the paragliding place. Thank goodness we did a tandem flight or I would have been terrified. It was ok, all you had to do was run down this sound easy, but because I wasn't in control of it - it WAS easy! And it was such a beautiful view. Josh and I had such an amazing day doing those things, kind of adventurous for us, but so much fun!

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