Thursday, 17 July 2014

The Hafelekar Mountains

My day to day life in Innsbruck was pretty simple. Get up, have breakfast, walk to work, and sit down on my laptop and work all morning. In the afternoons, my collegues and I, who were all university students of some sort of levels, went to the local supermarket to get lunch, before we worked more in the afternoon.
On a lot of weekends, I did outreach with the children in the area, or I worked continually on my research project. I was incredibly boring really, until Josh finished work for the summer and he came to visit me in Innsbruck. Because it was pretty cramped at the monostary, we stayed at a hotel in town. The first day he came, we
walked all around the town, and I showed him the sights, my place, and where I worked. The next day, we decided to try an excursion that some of my collegues had been suggesting. Some of them are avid hikers, and had suggested we see the view from the top of the Hafelekar
mountains surrounding Innsbruck. Innsbruck is literally surrounded by these beautiful mountains. So in the morning, we went out and bought cute Austrian traditional hats, with the feather in them and everything. Very touristy, but very fun. Then, we took the cable car up. Well, the first one is a finicular, and then there are two more cable cars all the way up to the top, so far that you can't even see them from the bottom. It was an amazing view, so we stopped and had some great traditional
Austrian food there, and Josh had a beer too. At the very very top, it was kind of windy, but we found some snow, at the end of July! I couldnt believe it, but there it was! It was a great day out, and a much easier way than walking all the way up ourselves!

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