Thursday, 31 July 2014

All around Innsbruck

I finished up the majority of my data mining, and as I had already started to write up, I was free to go home. To be fair, I had to go home, as I was starting a new job teaching at the International School in Frankfurt, Germany. I only had a few days between moving from Austria,
to the UK, and then to Germany. It meant, sadly, leaving Austria, where I had finally gotten comfortable, but alas. My last final afternoons were really beautiful. We all got ice cream in the park( and one day Ben and Jerry's was giving away ice cream all afternoon!) and then we walked around for a bit. After I went home, I made sure to explore the lovely area around my house, the cute covered bridge across the river and just one of the many, many churches there were around my house. Innsbruck was really one of those adorable, quintisentially cute towns!

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