Saturday, 29 March 2014

Sunny Siesta Key

As soon as the Easter holidays started, I hopped on a plane with Mummy to Florida. I was meant to go with Shelby, but sadly, she was really, really ill, and couldn't make the trip. We spent the first few days in Orlando, going to dress shops, and wedding appointments -
our whole time was literally booked solid, althought I did get to go in the lazy river at the hotel a few times! I also got to make smores at the Hilton - they provided them for free, and I went down to the fire pit they had! It was great! Then we headed for Tampa and Sarasota,
to look at MORE bridal dresses. Eventually, I had to make a decision, and I went back to a little store in Tampa, with a lovely lady called Ashley, and the most beautiful dress ever! I love it. I am so glad that I waited outside the door, and emailed furiously so that I could go back and get it!
After that, we had the smaller things to sort out - the wedding cake, and the florist, and that stuff was much more fun, after getting the stress of the wedding dress found! I was so lucky that my parents flew Rachel in, from where she lives in LA. She came to stay with us in Sarasota, and along with her, and Josh's sisters, we all went and looked at bridesmaids dresses! We went to a LOT of shops too, and it became the next big decision! While we didn't pick any that day, I now know there are lots of options!
We spent a day at the top rated beach in America, Siesta Key. It was so lovely, even though all we did was walk along it. The sand is so lovely and just like sand. It was nice to relax after our stressful week, and enjoy some sun and sand!

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