Sunday, 30 March 2014

In the Everglades

After we had our week of wedding planning in central Florida, we headed down to Naples to visit our friends who have a house down there. They usually live in Michigan, but vacation down there. We had just a great time the whole week - riding around to get ice cream on
bikes, lounging at the pool, and walking down to the beach. It was so nice to finally relax after the whole stressful week! I mentioned to their Dad, that I have always wanted to visit the Everglades, and ride on one of those air boats like the main guy on the CSI: Miami show. I used
to watch it constantly, and it's kind of always been on my bucketlist! So he suggested we all go down to the Everglades - it wasn't nearly as far as I had thought! So after some convincing, we got Krista and Kara to go with us, and although we couldn't pull the Mom's off the beach - off we went. It was
a really nice boat ride, all along the mangrove trees, and then through the mangroves, and down all these little canals cut through the swarm of trees. We got to the middle of this huge water area, and we were allowed to drive the boat! It was super cool - and, while it looked easy - it felt harder than it looked - but I had a great time and felt super cool in my bright pink ear protectors! It was so hot and sunny in the Everglades - and while it seemed like such a "low key" activity on my bucketlist - I just so enjoyed it!

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