Monday, 31 March 2014

At the beach

We spent a lot of our time in Florida at the beach. I know a lot of people come to Florida for the beach, but most times when I visit, I rarely see a beach,and in this visit alone I had been 4 times, which, for me, must be some sort of record. I love the pretty sand, and searching for pebbles and shells and what not. Krista and Kara's cousins were over, and we made lots
of sand castles each day, until they got washed away. It was nice to spend some time with Kara and Krista before their weddings, as they are the first of our family friends where I will actually be able to go to their weddings and have met their fiances! It was beautiful weather the whole time we were there. With the beach not far away, we were there pretty much every day!
It was great that we could bring our own drinks and such down there too. We took lots of walks along the beach, especially racing down there in the evening to make sure we were in time to catch the sunset! Most days, we didn't make it for sunset, and instead went to get frozen yoghurt on our bikes instead! It was just a nice little slice of calm before I had to head back to the United Kingdom - and so much warmer than it would be when I went home!

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