Sunday, 21 September 2014

The Skyline of London

We were staying in a hotel close by to where I used to live, because it was also very close to where I went to University, which was right at London Bridge. As we shopped all of Saturday and Sunday, we packed up and on Monday morning I headed to university to give my presentation on my Master's
dissertation. I was super super nervous, but I was excited to see a lot of my friends who I probably hadn't seen since April or so, when we had our exams. It was good to have a catch up with them all, and then the serious stuff started. We were in a huge lecture hall which I had never been taught in, and
we got a few minutes to set up our presentations. I wasn't first, but I was third or fourth, which meant the rest of the afternoon I was able to sit calmly! I felt like my presentation went alright, although the questions were a bit obscure - but it was only 15 minutes of my life and finally it was all finished!

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