Thursday, 13 June 2013

A Castle and a Dwarf

Sometimes it can be hard to see any characters at Disney. You don't often see recongizable ones out on the street, in that case they are simply just mobbed. Instead, they tend to be inside, where people can line up for hours and hours to see them. We were quite lucky, that as we were leaving the Magic Kingdom, and heading towards the Haunted Mansion, which we also had fast passes for, and we ran into not one, but all 7 of the dwarves from Snow White and the seven dwarves! Heres the thing about characters in Japan, they
tend to be from older movies. Im not sure all the Japanese people know who they fact I think its more often than not a "oh, hes cute!" rather than remembering the movie at all. Its been a long time since Ive even seen Snow White, mainly because it is so old nowadays. I had to have my photo with Dopey, who I like the best, and Sam had hers with Grumpy!

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