Monday, 17 June 2013

A weekend being a tour guide in Nara

On Friday, I headed up to see Josh, after 3 weeks out and around in Japan. We had planned a relaxing weekend, but his brother decided to come down to Nara. Its great as he was bringing some new collegues who have just moved to Japan. So, on Saturday morning, Josh and I got to play tour guide!
We took them all around the deer park, and got to feed lots of deer, before taking them to Todaiji (one of my favourites) and making them attemot to get through the Buddahs nostril! One of them was even successful! After, we went to Osaka and had dinner with my friend Pete, which was nice to see him, before watching the new GI Joe movie (which was awesome!) Sunday was equally as busy, as we went to Josh`s NARA JET cultural festival, where he taught us line dancing all day!

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