Saturday, 5 December 2015

Visiting Kerstin

Not long after I got back from London, I got to go somewhere a little closer to Home, to visit Kerstin in Germany. She lives north of us, about three hours on the train. Last time we stayed with her parents, and this time we stayed with them. We ended up with a super late train because of a delay, but since our train was delayed, we visited the Christmas market near the train station, and I got my favourite things, poferjies.
I'm not sure how they are spelt, but they are amazing. They're little baked pancakes covered in butter and powdered sugar. They aren't very good at the Frankfurt market, but all the others I've had are great. We hung out in the Starbucks too - where Josh told the guy his name was Helmet - because Joshua was too hard to spell! On Saturday we had a great breakfast with them, and hung around their apartment playing board games.
I love hanging out with them, they are so much fun. We also visited the Christmas market in Braunschweig, which is super cute and lovely. We had nice hot chocolate with our favourite Liquor 43, which tastes a bit like Milky Bar! Josh was happy because he could get his favourite hot dog thing he likes. Seriously, Braunschweig is the only place that has these hot dogs apparently.
It's such a cute little town, and it was nice and sunny so it was great to hang out there, and wander around the Christmas markets. We went to another one too, where they make the most amazing candied nuts! Basically, it was a weekend for eating, because after, we went to Kerstin's parents house to have Raclette, which is kind of like a yaki niku grill on the top and little pots under a burner underneath. It's a super cute idea and super yummy!

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