Friday, 13 November 2015

Overcast in Auschwitz

Travelling in winter usually sucks because it is so cold and miserable. We headed to Poland one weekend - after several time travelling with Steph, we decided that we should head to see Auschwitz before we leave Germany. So we headed there nice and late after school on Friday.
It's nice to travel Friday nights. The airport in Krakow was really nice, and we got picked up and went to this cute little Air B and B. It was probably the nicest one we have stayed in so far! In the morning we got picked up, and headed over to Auschwitz. We were super unprepared, and not dressed warm enough at all. The tour of the camp wasn't very good, and actually, they didn't tell us too much more than we had seen at Yad Vashem in Israel, but it was interesting to see up close. It was so sad to think about what had happened there, and they hadn't made it touristy,
just left like it was so people can see it. Afterwards, we went to the Birkenau camp too. I was sad to say that we were way too cold to fully pay attention to the tour, but you can see how miserable it would have been for people in these camps. After we left the camp, the driver took us to this lovely place for dinner, where we had nice traditional food. After that, we had booked like a combi tour for the salt mines. Who knew the salt mine would be so interesting! It was much bigger than I anticipated, and we even got to lick the walls! They really told us we could, and we did! It was very interesting, but then, when we got back into Krakow, we walked around a little bit to get perogis. We had some great ones and then walked back to the flat. It seemed like it was such a pretty city, and very clean but it was impossible to see because it was so foggy!

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