Tuesday, 2 June 2015

An amazing afternoon in Pompeii

Pompeii definitely wasn't on my list of places to see - but for Mummy it really was. So our guide had arranged three little Amalfi Coast towns in the morning, and then an afternoon in Pompeii. It was so huge, I really thought we wouldn't have been able to see it all in a day - on the map it just looked really crazy! We explored all over - there were so many more intact buildings, and more pillars and more rooms, and roofs and the roads. There were so, so many roads! We ended up doing this HUGE HUGE
circle around the whole place - past all the ruins, into these fields at the edge. We could have died out there it was so empty! But on our way back into Pompeii we discovered this amazing house with the mosaics all intact - but the guard there startled us so bad! We had such a nice time, just Mummy and I, exploring the back of Pompeii, and eating pringles! We had such a great time, I was so glad we went in the end. Afterwards, our guide took us back to Naples. Mummy was really worried about our hotel being in a dodgy area, but it turned out to be super cute! It was sad to leave Mummy, but she is visiting us again in June too!

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