Thursday, 26 March 2015

To Florida! And Shoogie Boogies!

We did very little in March - mainly trying to get ourselves all packed and ready to go back to Florida and get married! We left one week before the wedding, and headed to Sarasota. Mummy and Daddy had rented a whole house, and we were able to stay there with my Aunt and Uncle, Shelby and Rachel,and Kerstin all together. We got to go shopping, sort out all sorts of things for the wedding, do wedding crafts and sit by the pool! It was a really great time, and actually quite relaxing! As part of the week of the wedding festivities,
we had a little Shower at this cute little tea room called Shoogie Boogies. It was so nice to have lots of family friends there and Kerstin and Mary and Rachel and Josh's sisters too. It was a really cute little tea house, all decorated nice and with outdoor tables and a pretty conservatory. We had a lovely
time, especially with all the cute tumblers I had ordered and hillarious sunglasses Shelby had bought at Primark! Afterwards, all the bridesmaids came and we got our toes and nails done. I was so, so picky with my nails. I got really fussy with them, which is very unlike me, but they were beautiful! And, they stayed perfect for six whole weeks!

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