Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Christmas Eve in front of the Tree

I think, since the Christmas morning I recieved my camera, I have loved taking photos of my grandmother's Christmas tree more than anything, ever. I probably take the same pictures all the time, but I still love to take photos there. We had already done one Christmas party,
and the Peil family Christmas party is on Christmas Eve. It's a good time. A long night, but a good time and it was Josh's first time to meet everyone! We thought it was really nice that we coordinated so well for Christmas and with the tree, so Mummy took some photos of us in front of all the pretty Christmas lights. It took a lot of tries, because my camera was a little broken, but a few came out ok in the end! We (somehow) were ready much before everyone else, and so were able
to hang out in the living room, read a few books, and chat with Shelby.The Christmas Party is always good fun, and everyone was really excited to meet Josh after so long. I know he did really well, and was chatting to people and acting so much more social than me! We got to see lots of cousins that live really far away,
and it was lovely to see my cousin Carly again too. She is now back from Prague. I will be sad not having a cousin close by to travel with! We stayed really late at the party, but at least this year, when I got home, I had already done all my Christmas wrapping for the next morning!

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